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Wild Camping Tips For Using Sleeping Bags
Jun 04, 2018

1. Before you go in sleeping bags, fill the bottle with hot water and throw it into your sleeping bag. This will make you warm and comfortable when you enter.Sleeping bags don't produce heat; it only keeps your body warm. On a cold night, warm up and let your blood circulate, and then drill into it.

2. You can wash down sleeping bag. Wash in the bathtub with warm water and detergent. This helps to remove body oils that can damage fibers or feathers.

3. When you camp home, open your sleeping bag as soon as possible and hang it outside for a day or so to dry it completely.Temporarily repair them with tape before tearing or breaking holes to control them. After returning home, they are completely repaired by patching or stitching.

4. Keep your sleeping bag away from the fire. Mars will easily burn out the holes and the high temperatures will melt them.