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Which To Take When Go A Family Camping
Mar 29, 2018

Before you go, you must try to imagine the various situations in the wild that you will meet, in order to prepare the appropriate skills and equipment.Camping needs to be based on where you want to go, the season, the number of your family,equipment, the most basic need is tents, a moisture-proof pad.If you are close to home, you can use home quilt or you need a sleeping bag.If the weather is cool, you need a mattress or air bed.If you go self drive, the more camping equipment you have, the better. If it's a hike, you need to prepare a well-equipped mountain bag.In outdoor camping you need to pay attention to the weather. The most important thing about outdoor sports is safety.

The things you need to notice:

1.The direction.We should take map,and confirm the route.

2.The water problem.The clothes and tent must be waterproof.We couldn't take many clothes when go camping.So if it is rain,there will be some problems.

3.Drinking water.Take enough water if there is no drinking water on your route.Nobody can leave more than 3 days without water. 

4.The fire problem.We have to cooking,and sometimes in the night we have to set a fire to avoid wild animals and get warm,so we have to take a lighter or other things which can set fire.

5.Find a suitable camp.

6.Wild animal

7.Nutritional supplement 

8.Keep warm.