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What's Your Most Worry About When Using The Roof Top Tent 2
Jan 27, 2018

4.The volume is big and it is too heavy to install?The normal tent installed on the ground is much more lighter than the roof top tent.Some lighting tent weight is no more than 1kg.Roof top tent is installed on the car,it's weight can keep the stability of the tent and the ability to resist wind and snow.And the noamal weight of the roof top tent is about 60KG,and is can put on the car,it don't need to take it with hand.

As for installation,there are automatic roof top tent,and our roof top tent installation is easy,only need two people.

5.Worry the performance of the roof top tent?Lenok roof top tent use aluminium frame,all stitching seam is covered by water-proof tane,and a water proof travel cover is equipped.UV proof.With lenok roof top tent,you only need to do is to enjoy your trip.