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What's Your Most Worry About When Using The Roof Top Tent 1
Jan 25, 2018

Talking with some friends,here is some worry when they using roof top tent:

1.If the roof top tent is unfloding,it is about 1 meter height,it is hard to drive on the road with this height on the car.Lenok roof top tent is easy to install,so suggest to fold it when don't use,and it's folding size is about 0.2 meter high,this height do not against the traffic laws.

2.Can the car support the weight?The weight of the roof top tent usually is about 60KG.The weight of a three member family is about 150-240kg, while the bearing capacity of the top of the most car measure in tons, so as long as the quality of the luggage rack is strong enough, there is no problem with the bearing capacity of the top of the car.

3.Will i fall from the tent when i sleep?Some people's sleeping habits is bad,but don't worry about it,manufacturer also think about this problem,so there are side lever on the roof top tent to provide you a safe environment.