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What Kinds Of Roof Tent Are There?
Jan 14, 2018

There are currently three types of roof tents: The first is manually launched, need to do their own tents to build, ladder placement, but the tent inside space will be relatively large, but also in the car next to a ladder to build a large space block, used to wash clothes, bath, put seat rest, outdoor picnic and so on, very practical, the price is the cheapest.

The second is driven by the motor of the automatic roof tent, open and collected are more convenient, generally within 10 seconds can be automatically completed, high-end grade, but also to avoid the fuss of the tent, save a lot of strength and time.

The third type is the helicopter automatic roof tent, the biggest difference with the second is to open and put up faster, the roof is generally all glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the roof after the car is very neat, occupy a small space, looks the most concise beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, did not provide more occlusion.