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What Is The Difference Between A Car Roof Tent And An Ordinary Tent?
Apr 25, 2018

Some people can't understand that ordinary camping tents can already meet the sleeping needs of our travel. Why do we have to buy a car roof tent?

As we all know, ordinary tents need to find the campsite to build a base, which is relatively troublesome, and the roof tent can solve this problem very well. The roof top tent can build a warm and comfortable home anytime and anywhere. Not only that, sleeping on the roof tent is more comfortable than sleeping on the ordinary roof tent, the roof top tent is flatter than the ground, and it can also effectively isolate the ground moisture.

If you go out to travel in the summer, but in the depths of the mountain, the security is not a touch like "little animals", in order to avoid mosquitoes infestation, or to install a roof top tent to sleep comfortably!