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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Loading The Top Tent?
Jan 14, 2018

The first thing to consider when adding a roof tent is the load-bearing performance of the overhead luggage rack, in particular, the later loading of the roof bearing luggage racks, but also to meet the brand roof tent installation size requirements, generally recommended in the factory official stores by professional technicians to install, you can better take into account the load-bearing conditions, suitability and power supply and other technical issues.

Secondly, in the purchase of the roof tent, to consider their own hands-on ability, if the plan, the automatic top of the roof tent is more worthy of recommendation, at the same time the pressure to choose to pick up a streamlined appearance of the roof tent, as far as possible to reduce wind resistance. Installation, the roof tent ladder is generally installed in the car side, left, right, both sides can, according to their own needs to install, of course, the rear can also, but easy to hinder the opening of the trunk, according to different models to plan.

In addition, the roof tent air permeability, resistance to pull, mosquito control, prevent the 8-level wind, rain and snow intrusion and other properties are required to understand the content, if sufficient budget, a more durable, more practical roof tent can give you a pleasant journey.