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What Are The Techniques Of Building A Tent?
Jul 09, 2018

1.Location decision

After considering the wind direction and terrain, choose a flat place.

2.Inspection of tent equipment

Empty out the items in the bag and check the parts one by one.Records should be made in order to facilitate the collection of tents and to ensure that nothing is omitted.

3.Lay floor MATS

After the floor mat is laid, fix the four corners with nails.If in a moist place, first put a mat on it and then put a mat on it.

4.Stand up and pull back the main rope

At the same time, the tip of the upper part of the pillar, through the holes of the two pillars of the curtain column, will pull up the left and right main rope to avoid left and right tilt.In this way, the main shape of the tent is formed.

5.Adjust the main rope and pull up the corner rope and waist rope 

Adjust the shape of the tent by placing the two supports perpendicular to the ground with the support rope attached to the main rope.Secondly, adjust the angle rope and waist rope with the support rope, so that the shape of the tent appears.

6. Fixed wallsConnect the tent floor cloth, floor MATS and lower walls.