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What Are The Advantages Of A Roof Tent? What's The Downside?
Jan 14, 2018

The roof tent has many incomparable advantages, so it has been welcomed by the vast number of donkey friends. For the donkey, as long as the owner of a roof tent, from then on can not be limited by travel arrangements, anytime and anywhere can "camp" rather than looking for hotels everywhere, but also save a large amount of accommodation costs. Enjoy the picnic, barbecue, admire the scenery, the night lying in the roof tent to see the brilliant stars, wake up the first time to enjoy the sea breeze, mountain wind baptism, I think this is the charm of camping it.

Most of the roof tents with high-strength fabrics and metal structures have experienced windproof, rain prevention, sand test, and even warm insulation, you can rely on the off-road ability of the vehicle to open to the pavement and even deserts, Gobi, mountains, seaside, compared to sleep in the car, obviously can save more space in the car, carry more baggage, You can also sleep more families or partners. More importantly, the "high" roof luggage rack also effectively avoids the infestation of snake worm rats ant.

Of course, the shortcomings of the roof tent is also obvious, in due to the major, installation will increase the wind resistance, will bring about an increase in fuel consumption. Second, the current roof tent prices are generally more expensive, there is a midnight toilet inconvenient, up and down the ladder to pay attention to safety.