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Type Of Camping Tent
Sep 06, 2018

Regular camping is refers to the campers hike or driving vehicle arrives camping sites, usually in the valley, lake and sea, the campers can born a bonfire, can barbecue, picnic, or singing, and this is the most common camping activities, travelers often conduct such activities, and other outdoor enthusiasts, also known as backpacker, in mainland China, also known as following.

Car camping

Car camping refers to the camping activity that takes the car as the vehicle, abandons the backpack and so on.

This kind of camping can also be divided into conventional car camping and rv camping.Motor vehicle camping refers to the camping experience of driving cars, trucks and other conventional vehicles, carrying various camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, moisture pads, outdoor cookers and other equipment in appropriate locations.

Rv camping

Rv camp is a camping activity carried out by driving a rv.The trailer itself has beds, kitchens, bathrooms and other living necessary space Settings, as well as heating or air conditioning equipment, as well as power supply.This type of camping is more comfortable and has been practiced in European and American countries for hundreds of years.

A camping trip is a camping trip at a special event, such as long distance climbing. Long distance climbing can take several days.