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Roof Tents - The Best Choice For Self-driving Camping
Feb 11, 2019

In recent years, the enthusiasm of the Chinese for self-driving tour has gradually warmed up.

But friends who love outdoor camping

You must have encountered this situation:

Self-driving RV is too crowded

Camping at night is deeply troubled by mosquitoes

Unable to camp due to bad weather and environmental restrictions

You may need a self-driving artifact to give you a safe outdoor camping!

This artifact has become very popular abroad, and that is the roof tent.

For the newly-developed roof tents in the country, faced with users who have not been popularized, various problems are coming to the surface. I am a certain car, can I install it?

This is on the roof of the car, can you sleep? Can you bear the weight? Will it crush the roof?

Is there wind resistance running? Will it be stolen outside?

What is a roof tent?

As the name implies, the roof tent is placed on the roof of the car. It is different from the tent that is placed on the ground during outdoor camping. The roof tent is very convenient to install and use. It is known as the “home on the roof”. ".

In fact, car roof tents have a history of five or sixty years. With the increase in car ownership, self-driving travel has gradually warmed up, and car roof tents have gradually become one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tour.

What is the difference between a roof tent and an ordinary tent?

Some people can't understand that ordinary camping tents have been able to meet the sleep needs of our travels, so why buy a roof tent?

As we all know, the construction of ordinary tents requires finding a campsite to play the base. These are relatively troublesome, and the roof tent can solve this problem very well. It can be built a warm and comfortable home anytime, anywhere. Not only that, sleep on the roof is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, the roof is flatter than the ground, and it can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

If you go out to play in the summer, and in the depths of the mountains, you can't keep a touch like "small animals". In order to avoid mosquito infestation, you can sleep comfortably with a roof tent!

What are the types of roof tents?

At present, there are three types of roof tents, one is manual, you need to build tents and lay ladders. The interior space of this kind of tent is very large, and a large space can be built under the ladder.

The second type is a fully automatic roof tent driven by an electric motor. This kind of tent is easy to open and close.

The last one is the upright automatic tent, which is faster than the second type of lifting and closing, and is very simple after being put away.

What kind of car can be loaded?

The most basic condition for the installation of the roof tent is to have a roof rack. Before installing the roof tent, the roof load-bearing rack must be installed according to the model conditions, except for the car type below A0. Vehicle models can be retrofitted with (with or with) load-bearing luggage racks. And everyone does not have to worry about the problem of sleeping on the roof.

What are the advantages of a roof tent?

Most of the roof tents with high-strength fabrics and metal structures have been tested for wind, rain, sand, and even warm insulation. Compared to sleeping in the car, it is obviously possible to save more space and carry More luggage can also sleep more family or partners.

As for everyone's question about whether the roof tent will be stolen, I think the answer is obvious. On the one hand, the roof tent has a certain weight, and it is not so easy to steal it. On the other hand, the quality of today's citizens is increasing day by day. I believe that the friends who go out to play will not be worried about the car tents.

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