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Material For Camping Tent Pole
Nov 24, 2018

  At present, the material of the tent pole mainly includes glass fiber, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Tubular fiberglass poles are the most commonly used poles at present. They may be folded. The poles are combined through elastic ropes. Aluminum alloy is added to the head and tail of each pole to increase strength and a little soft elasticity. However, in a low temperature environment, it is easy to cause the rupture of the pole, and once the pole is broken, the support effect cannot be achieved.

   The aluminum alloy pole is also a very popular pole in the market. It uses the same combination of glass fiber and the same weight as the glass fiber, but the strength and durability are better, and it still has good support in the low temperature environment. However, if the pole is broken or damaged, it is difficult to repair, so you must carry a spare pole to prevent it.

   The carbon fiber pole is lightweight, and its durability is arguably the best in the current account, and it performs well in low temperature environments, but the price is the most expensive of all the poles.