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Keep The Following Points In The Maintenance Of Sleeping Bags
Jan 05, 2019

Keep the following points in the maintenance of sleeping bags:

1. Try not to put it in the compression bag when you are not using it. It is best to hang it in the closet like hanging clothes, and then put it into the compression bag when you use it. Because the down sleeping bag needs to breathe, the good thing to keep the down sleeping bag is to choose a large and breathable storage bag to make it fluffy.

2, cotton sleeping bag cleaning: you can turn the lining of the sleeping bag to the outside to wash, put the magic buckle to avoid hanging the sleeping bag fabric, with a neutral lotion, and finally use clean water to clean. Remember to take a few more times.

3, down sleeping bags do not dry clean, will destroy the warmth of the down. Down sleeping bags are heavily recommended for use in sleeping bag liners, which reduces the number of washes. If it is dirty, use a special cleaner to treat the dirty parts.

4, down products should not be wet, should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, is to use the down sleeping bag outdoors, as much as possible to sun, blowing, in order to keep the sleeping bag dry. If this condition is lacking in the wild, this procedure must not be omitted after returning to the city.