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How To Find Water For Camping?
May 14, 2018

First of all, the first place to look for water in the mountains is the bottom of the valley. If you looking for water in high mountain areas, you should follow the cracks in the rocks.

In the coastal areas, it is possible to dig a hole above the maximum waterline, which is likely to have a thickness of about 5cm thick and float on the dense layer of seawater.However, when drinking water in the pit, it must be sterilized and boiled and then boiled.Do not be aware of thirst, not disinfection, direct reference.

Collecting rainwater is also an effective way to get water.Dig a hole in the ground, lay a layer of plastic, surround it with clay, and collect rainwater.

In the wild, if you find animals, birds, insects, or human traces, you can follow the footprints to find water. In many plants, for example, bamboo and other hollow plants often contain water in their internodes, vines tend to have potable juices, and fruits and stems of palms and cactus plants are abundant.