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Equipment For Camping
Oct 17, 2018

1. Eating: first, water. Bring water or water purification equipment.Second, food. If you can't have a picnic, you have to have a picnic.Don't forget, of course, fire and fuel (usually in flat gas tanks and burners).

2. Wear: according to the climatic and geographical characteristics of different seasons and different destinations, clothing preparation, cold prevention, quick drying and rain prevention are the basic points.

3. Living: just stay away from the North Pole and qomolangma or Sahara, the four seasons tent will match with floor MATS, tide MATS and sleeping bags.Don't forget lighting equipment, mosquito repellent, snake repellent, necessary knives.

4. Line: if you play FB, you must have a car; if you play hiking or even crossing, you need a pair of good shoes, a good backpack, a good walking stick and a good body.