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Can The Roof Withstand This Weight? Will It Be Crushed?
Jan 14, 2018

In principle, the car roof load-bearing for the car itself 4-5 times, are tonnage level, the general car roof tent in the 50KG or so, plus a three-port weight in accordance with 250 kg, (generally are not) static load, the roof bearing about 300 kg, There is absolutely no need to worry about sleeping on the roof of the car and crushing it.

Do you fall asleep at night?

General car roof tent on both sides have railings, sleep is not too dishonest people will not happen from the top of the car fell off the situation, of course, sleepwalking down not count!

Can only SUVs be installed? Can other cars be installed?

Generally as long as the roof of the area is larger than the tent base area can be installed, such as off-road vehicles, SUV, three car, etc., can not be installed vehicles are: small vehicles, soft roof and no top vehicles.

Is it possible to travel on a high limit?

Here to remind everyone: can not build up on the road road, obviously ultra-high, will be stopped by the police uncle. When driving on the road can be put away the tent, the general collection of tents will not be super high, can not be directly collected by the need to dismantle.

On the wind and rain insulation performance based on different tent materials, structure, and so different.

In addition, different roof tents have different installation methods, which need to be installed according to the installation method of different products.

As a driving tour continues to warm up, the roof tent to become a hobby of tourism friends optional equipment, and gradually by people's favor, then the roof tent specifically have what advantages?

1. The roof tent replaces the expensive RV and avoids the trouble of not getting out of the hotel.

2. Compared to the ground tent, the roof tent is placed at the top of the car, so long as the vehicle can reach the tent camping, convenient and quick.

3. Compared with the moist environment of the ground tent, the tent is arranged on the roof of the car, and the comfort is better than the soft sleeping mat.

4. In the wild to avoid the ground tent will encounter snake worm bites, the danger of wild animals attack.

5. More open in the roof of the car, watch the scenery, take photos, more comfortable.